3 Ways Data Center Maintenance Partners Can Lower Costs

Jan 13, 2017 10:00:26 AM

Data center maintenance is not a simple task, nor is it an inexpensive one. The total cost of data center hardware maintenance for enterprise businesses over its entire lifecycle can be much higher than many anticipate.

Many factors can contribute to this money crunch, including power, ISPs, network connections, A/C and cooling units, and even real estate if you don't have enough room in your current headquarters. Not only that, but data center hardware and software will often need to be added, changed, or deleted, all of which continues to accumulate more bills.

One way to avoid the pitfalls of this monetary drain is to work with a third-party data center partner instead of trying to manage everything on your own. With a data center maintenance partner, you can reduce maintenance costs, find the right support for your needs, and reduce rebuilding costs. This will help lower your data center budget and make the venture more affordable.

3 Ways Data Center Maintenance Partners Lower Costs

1. Lowering Ongoing Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a data center means you will regularly have to schedule repairs and services to keep everything in running condition. Even a single outage due to skipping routine service could cost your business thousands, if not millions, in lost revenue.

If you rely on maintenance services from the OEM, most warranties typically only cover three years. In some cases, they will also offer you an option to add on the fourth year, but what happens after this period expires?

At this point, you'll have to foot the bill for all service and repairs, costs which could quickly add up as your system ages. It's not feasible to buy all new equipment every few years, so it's important to have a viable solution to maintain your existing environment.

Luckily, third-party maintenance is a good option. On average, it costs less than out-of-the-box OEM support, helping you save big in the long-term scheme. A data center partner service will be able to keep monitoring your center long after the original OEM warranty expires.

2. The Right Fit for Your Specific Needs

In most cases, OEM warranties provide generic support because the manufacturer has to provide services to many different kinds of companies. This one-size-fits-all approach helps simplify things on their end, but it means you might be losing out on a personalized approach that would benefit your business. While there is often the ability to request some variables in your service, these simply aren't enough to make a noticeable difference.

By opting out of the OEM warranty and adding on the services of a data center partner, you can customize your SLA exactly to the needs of your business. You can choose your exact uptime expectations or emergency repair timeframes depending on your budget. This will help give you better control over your data center and help you get exactly what you need out of it at a cost that is amenable to your business.

3. Eliminate the Cost of Rebuilding

As previously mentioned, most OEMs only offer three-year warranties. This is because they hope you decide to purchase all new equipment at the end of this period. In most cases, however, upgrading every time your warranty expires is simply unnecessary and a waste of capital.

One way to extend the life of your equipment and get more money out of your initial investment is to utilize the services of a data center partner that provides post-warranty maintenance. By constantly monitoring and repairing any small problems, you can increase the efficiency of the equipment to help max out its life.

In fact, a Maintech client was able to extend the life of their equipment several years past its OEM warranty period. This cut out an entire equipment replacement cycle, helping them keep money that could be put back into the business. Just think of how much your business could save if you didn’t have to replace your equipment every three years.

While running a data center can be difficult, it doesn't have to be an insurmountable task. By taking advantage of data center partner services from an independent service provider like Maintech, you can make the process much more manageable.

Our extended warranties can help you lower ongoing maintenance costs even after the OEM warranty ends. Not only that, but Maintech can provide a customized SLA management plan that meets the exact needs of your data center.