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Oct 13, 2017 3:42:36 PM

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In this joint Executive Perspective® issue , martinwolf interviews Frank W. D’Alessio and Tom York, presidents of Maintech and DecisionOne, respectively. In March, Maintech was acquired by private investment firm Oak Lane Partners, thereby becoming DecisionOne’s sister company.



Frank, as President and co-founder of Maintech, has led the company to become a world-class Independent Services Organization (ISO) with consistent growth and profitability. He is a former Chairman of the Board of the Service Industry Association (SIA) and remains active with the organization, in addition to numerous IT Industry trade associations.




Tom, as President of DecisionOne, is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. He has previously served in several executive and senior executive positions with IBM Global Services. Tom currently serves as the President of the SIA and holds alumni status on several prominent service industry boards.


From a customer perspective, what are you able to accomplish now as a combined entity in terms of reach? How has this enhanced your offerings?

Frank: It is important to note that we, together, are among the few in the industry that actually have our own infrastructure—in people, logistics, and support. First, we have our own people— by this I mean the largest independent W-2 highly skilled technician pool in the country; almost everyone else in the industry uses variable. This greatly improves our reliability and quality control, offers our clients greater security in terms of facility access, and allows our clients to make sure problems are fixed right the first time.

Second, we have our own technology facility. Our 200,000+-sq. ft. facility in Ohio provides cradle-to-grave asset management services, all in one of the most secure environments possible and with our own full-time certified and trained employees. Third, unlike our competitors, we have our own client support infrastructure—specifically, call centers, helpdesks, triage desks and remote monitoring locations, including NOCs.

One immediate benefit is with every one of our large data center clients; we can now go in and help them with their asset management services—with the control of their deployed assets, with the technology refresh programs, and with the product recycling programs. We could never do that before as Maintech. We do it now through DecisionOne's technology center, and it's a value add to our existing client base.

Similarly, DecisionOne has opportunities where they can bring Maintech's NOC monitoring or data center expertise to an RFP response or to existing D1 clients where they were not able to provide that service before. What happens is, in the independent service marketplace, the stickier you get, the longer your contract is going to last.

So the more services you can bring under one umbrella, the better it is for the client in terms of comprehensive solutions and the better it is for the service provider in terms of making it more difficult for them, quite candidly, to get rid of you. It's a win-win situation. We think that we've got many places where we can bring that to the market.

Another attribute is I now have a much larger footprint domestically than I did before in terms of servicing all my client locations directly, and DecisionOne has a much stronger international footprint by taking advantage of Maintech being deployed across five continents.

Tom: Frank is right on with that because it's the capability that we now have together. When you think about the time it would take to build some of these things independently, it would be very difficult, if achievable at all, given market timing. We’ve taken our portfolios and went horizontal with it—to bring, as Frank said, so many more comprehensive services to a client. A lot of our competitors tend to go vertical.

Data center companies, for example, play real deep vertically in that space. We’ve chosen, with OLP, to go horizontal. Putting these portfolios together with so little overlap almost overnight gave us this great horizontal suite of services. By the way, we're not finished yet, because we have some acquisition targets underway that we're going to expand horizontally even more over the next months.

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