How to Extend the Post-Warranty Life of Your Data Center Equipment

Jan 13, 2017 9:00:49 AM

In our information-driven world, effective management of data center equipment and support is crucial to any modern business's current and long-term success. This goal is foundational to data center functioning, optimization, server life, and equipment longevity.

Your company’s data center needs to stay in step with industry evolution and your business needs. With increasing demands, business servers must work harder than ever before. Success hinges upon a system that functions optimally and reliably daily, month to month, and year to year. Partnering with an experienced pro in data center management and equipment maintenance can help streamline and optimize this essential process.

The Importance of Data Center Equipment and Support

Data center infrastructures are comprised of essential equipment and hardware. This includes racks, servers, cables, storage, and other required network gear. It may also include security, cooling, and fire suppression equipment. Many of the components of a data center must endure heavy loads. This makes proper maintenance of its infrastructure essential for continued successful functioning.

If an application, connection, device, or hardware component fails, this can take down the entire system. At the very least, critical operations are hindered. A failure in one area of the system can cause a cascade or domino effect, which can then compromise other areas. Ensuring maximum uptime involves high-quality, experienced support.

As a data center ages, the risk of malfunctions that lead to downtime increases. Once the OEM warranty period is completed, businesses are at risk for major system failures no longer covered by professional support.

How long do OEM warranty terms last?

Original equipment manufacturers typically cover up to three years of support, although additional coverage is sometimes available. A server's actual lifespan and longevity are most strongly connected with the taxing demands placed upon it daily, and these expectations are reflected in OEM warranty terms.

The bottom line is there will come a day when the OEM warranty no longer covers your system. Partnering with a trusted Independent Service Organization (ISO) can help to fill the gaps that are opened up post-warranty so that you’ll always have support when your equipment requires it until the time comes to replace it.

What are the Benefits of Post-Warranty Coverage from a Reputable ISO?

A range of issues can arise even in the most well-built and smoothly functioning data centers. However, once the warranty period is over, your business is left vulnerable to even more severe consequences when problems arise in a data center at the end of its expected lifespan.

This is the time period when post-warranty support from a trusted Independent Service Organization (ISO) can be invaluable. Connecting with such a partner will assist your business in two key ways:

1. An Extended Data Center Equipment and Support Life Cycle

Obtaining post-warranty support allows for issues and malfunctions to be swiftly addressed. It extends the lifespan of your data center equipment even after the warranty expires. This can be particularly valuable since it is usually in the later stages of the data center life cycle when problems tend to occur.

2. Delay the Need for Server Replacement

While replacing data center equipment and support down the road is a likelihood for many businesses, having post-warranty support from a trusted partner allows for data center hardware maintenance and repair for a longer period. This support will help to delay the inconvenience and cost of a full data center replacement in these areas:


Post-warranty support from a skilled independent service organization can help your business to avoid or offset the cost of hardware purchases.

Lost Productivity

Data center hardware maintenance and OS installation/configuration require time, manpower, and the inevitable lost productivity of staff while the new system is being installed. Post-warranty support helps businesses avoid the time and cost of the resources required to install a new system.

While implementing a new system can require overtime pay and a drain on time and resources away from key business responsibilities, preparation for the post-warranty period allows for a strategic extension of the data center life cycle.

Partner with an Experienced, Proven Professional for Data Center Equipment Support

Partnering with a trusted experienced Independent Service Organization for post-warranty support is essential to maximizing data center performance and life span. Your provider should be skilled in numerous platforms and offer a premier market-tested suite of services.

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