Data Center Security: Fewer Badges, Fewer Risks

May 10, 2018 3:25:49 PM

How data center managers can adapt to the NSA breach, GDPR requirements, and other news.

A data breach could put a critical crack in your company’s image.

Small businesses are the most common and vulnerable targets, but even the largest agencies are not immune.

In the recent attack on the US National Security Agency, the initial breach spread like a spiderweb across the internet as hackers used inside information to build “exploit kits” that they sold to other hackers. But where did the initial breach begin? The Security Industry Organization1 reports that it might have been the front door:

“… It was instead the result of an insider with critical access who simply walked out the door with a USB chip full of the NSA’s top secrets. In other words, it was a physical security exploit, not an IT security attack.”

It’s the sort of image that can keep you up at night. And you are not alone.

Physical Security Concerns: More Vendors and More Regulations

Data center administrators face a growing number of security concerns.

Gone are the days when one data center carried one brand: either IBM, HP, or Dell. The trend toward multiple hardware vendors can mean more support providers—or worse, no support providers. It can be difficult to find maintenance technicians with a range of hardware knowledge and an understanding of the latest regulations.

As of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands even greater data accountability for companies that do business in Europe. Data Center Journal2 explains:

“The GDPR is similar to the U.S. Security Breach Legislation enacted in 48 states, but on steroids. Organizations must account for all sensitive data and the access granted to it.”

Security is an evolving battle, and the front line is the front door. Fewer access badges mean fewer risks—but how can you fight the tide of new requests and limit access to the fewest people with the most current expertise?

A Managed Service Solution: Tighter Security and Lower Costs

A Maintech Universal Technician provides a central resource who is skilled, trained, screened, vetted, and badged to resolve issues across the most critical data centers worldwide.

Maintech uses the eMaintech management system to ensure that every Universal Technician’s credentials are up to date. The eMaintech system helps us deliver IT Maintenance Services that set the standard for confidence and security.

Confidence also comes from quality. You cannot afford sub-standard support. As Data Center Journal3 advises:

“… avoid being enticed by low-cost service organizations composed of “freelancers” and/or subcontractor support. The tradeoff here is that low cost and quality support seldom go hand in hand. This is a clear case of getting what you pay for. The best approach to ensuring consistent, quality support and expert professional services is to evaluate providers’ ability to offer rapid response and direct-delivery support options.”

Maintech has the largest W-2 employee workforce of any independent IT service provider in the world.

That’s why a Maintech Universal Technician can give you the confidence and security of your employees while maintaining the dynamic skill set and unbiased perspective of an independent professional.

Cost savings are another benefit of Maintech Universal Technicians. The same Data Center Journal article cites that:

“Alternative support organizations not only can fill the services void created by the proliferation of white boxes in data centers, they also enable companies to keep viable legacy gear up and running longer after vendor support expires. The long-held practice of using third-party maintenance to support end-of-service-life (EOSL) network gear is becoming more prevalent in data centers as IT managers see the benefits in extending the useful life of time-tested and field-proven server and storage equipment.”

In the ever-changing battle for data center security, your greatest weapon is a resource that can provide security, quality, and cost savings at sites worldwide.

The Summary: Managed Services with Security, Quality, and Cost Savings

The Maintech Universal Technician is a critical central resource for your data center—someone who delivers:

1. Security

Our eMaintech ticketing system helps ensure that each of our Universal Technicians is trained, screened, vetted, and badged to address issues across the most critical data centers worldwide.

2. Quality

With the largest W-2 employee workforce of any independent IT service provider in the world, Maintech technicians deliver the confidence and security of your own employees while maintaining the dynamic skill set and unbiased perspective of independent professionals.

3. Cost Savings

Our Universal Technicians have no bias toward selling you hardware or choosing a particular hardware OEM. That’s why they can help you extend the useful life of your proven server and storage equipment.

To talk about how you can achieve greater security, quality, and cost savings from a solution tailored to your needs, contact us today.